Appointments may be made the following ways:

  • by online 24/7 - (You will need access to online services. Please speak to a receptionist to register for online services)
  • by telephoning the surgery during opening hours on 020 8363 4493
  • by calling at the surgery during opening hours
  • *NEW* SKYPE consultations - Please book appointment as usual but provide SKYPE name.
  • Brief Guide to Skype remote consultations

In order to manager our appointment system efficiently, the doctors have asked the receptions to ask the patients the reason for the appointment. Please give your reason for the appointment as this will help the medical team to deal with your problem more quickly, efficiently and effectively.

message from doctors: "HELP US TO HELP YOU"

If you are confronted by a serious problem such as:

  • severe chest pain
  • collapse
  • severe bleeding

call an ambulance on 999 before calling the surgery.

Cancel Your Appointment

If for some unforeseen reason you cannot attend a booked appointment please phone us and cancel in advance of your appointment time. This will then allow us to offer the appointment to another patient who may need it.

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